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Restraining Order APPLICATION

Psychologists regularly remind us of the importance of setting boundaries. As any kind or personal relationship breaks down or changes, it usually takes time for all parties to communicate clearly what the new boundaries are. An application for a restraining order is a relatively fast and effective method for distilling expectations and letting everyone know exactly where they stand. 

HHG's legal team have extensive experience in restraining order applications for clients across Perth and greater Western Australian. We can help you identify whether a restraining order application is necessary, what type of order is in your best interests and/or negotiate alternatives to a restraining order. 

Should you feel that you do need the added protection of the law, we can help by taking you through the restraining order application process in a supportive environment.

Our restraining order application services are outlined below:

$5500.00 Application for Final Misconduct Restraining Orders

A misconduct restraining order (MRO) can be obtained to restrain someone you aren't necessarily afraid of, but whom you consider to be a pest. If an MRO is issued and breached the penalty is a criminal record and a fine. The pest will be told to stop bothering you or receive a fine and a criminal record. You can get an MRO to stop someone from coming near you, saying things to you or printing things about you. An MRO can require someone to stop posting messages about y..

$5500.00 Application for/Defence of Final Order Violence Restraining Orders

A Violence Restraining Order (VRO) can be issued to protect you from anyone you are afraid of. HHG's lawyers can get you protection if you have already been abused or are worried you will be. Acts of abuse include doing or threatening to do any of the following things: assaulting you, trapping/imprisoning you, pursuing you, damaging your property, injuring your animals or persistently behaving in an intimidating, emotionally abusive or offensive manner toward you. The conditions of a ..

$1650.00 Urgent Application for Interim Violence Restraining Orders

If you feel you are at immediate risk of harm from someone you can make an urgent Court application for an interim Violence Restraining Order (VRO). These applications can be heard on the same day as you apply and do not require the person you are seeking to be protected from to be present. One of our lawyers can accompany you to the Court and assist you to take the stand and provide verbal evidence under oath about your legitimate fears so the Court can issue an interim order on the s..

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