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Having a business partnership agreement is essential if you are starting a business with a partner or if you have already commenced a business with a partner. Here at HHG Fixed Fee Essentials™, we recommended having a business partnership agreement in place in order to avoid any grey areas you may face in your partnership relationship.

We believe that a business partnership agreement is a way to ensure that both or all partners involved are aware of the rights and obligations of each party and the legal implications should the partnership relationship be broken or should any other issues arise.

Our HHG Fixed Fee Essentials™ team have put together a fixed price package that includes relevant legal documentation to ensure that your business partnership agreed terms are legally recorded.

Our Business Essentials Plus Packages are a quick and ideal way to ensure your partnership agreement is taken care of, not to mention cost-effective and could save your business thousands of dollars on legal advice.

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Business Essentials

If you are new to business, then this is the place to start. On the Business Essentials page you will find a list of common documents needed to structure a new business. All of the HHG Fixed Fee Essentials™ documents have been drafted in Western Australia and are tailored to meet Western Australian laws.


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Business Essentials Plus

If you have already established your business, then have a look at the many documents offered under Business Essentials Plus. You will find a range of fixed fee products to ensure that your business is properly protected, that your governing documentation is kept up to date and that your business relationships can be properly managed.


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Business Bundles

Here you will find packages specifically designed for Micro & Sole Trader Start Ups, E-Commerce ventures, New Small Businesses of any kind as well as the legal tools needed for new Websites. The Business Essentials Bundles have been tailored to deliver a balance between protection and affordability.


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HHG Fixed Fee Essentials

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