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Unit Trust

A unit trust is a popular form of trust usually used for collective investment. Each unit holder is entitled to an agreed fixed percentage of the income and capital of the trust each year. The trustee’s role is to hold and administer the assets of the trust on behalf of the unit holders. The unit holders have the power to “hire and fire” the trustee. 

This simple form will help you or your accountant to set up your unit trust. You will need to complete information relating to the trustee and the initial unit holders. 

Note: The HHG Fixed Fee Essentials Unit Trust is prepared for use in Western Australia only. If you are establishing the trust for use in another State, please contact our offices before proceeding. A unit trust may not be the right entity for you. You should seek personal legal and accounting advice before proceeding to ensure that this product is appropriate. The above does not constitute legal advice; it is generic information only.


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