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Shareholders Agreements

A Shareholders Agreement is a separate legally enforceable contract entered into between shareholders of a private company. The agreement determines some of the key terms affecting the relationship between shareholders such as:

  1. Rights to appoint Directors;
  2. Procedures relating to the sale of shares to third parties;
  3. Matters that require unanimous consent;
  4. Management and operational issues; and
  5. Dispute resolution procedures.

The main benefit of a Shareholders Agreement is to minimize the potential for arguments and fall out between business partners during the course of a business. These issues are often not addressed in company constitutions and therefore create confusion and friction in businesses. The Essentials Shareholders Agreement will assist you to navigate the finer details of being in business with others, helping you to quickly develop the rules around operating your business.

The below fixed fee does not include:

  • more than 1 hour of legal advice (whether face to face, by telephone or by email);
  • substantial amendments; or
  • time spent by us with your other advisers.

The above does not constitute legal advice; it is generic information only. All HHG Fixed Fee Essentials products and services are aimed at small, simple businesses. Larger businesses should contact a HHG solicitor if they require detailed advice on complex issues.



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