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Separation Bundle

Many people (wisely) decide to obtain preliminary advice before making a final decision about leaving their marriage or de facto relationship.  This advice usually includes investigating what proportion of joint assets you are entitled to, or how much time you will be able to spend with your children.

Reaching a separation agreement can be a testing time for all parties involved, including your children. At HHG Fixed Fee Essentials, we strongly recommend seeking legal advice about your entitlements and rights from an experienced family law practitioner, before situations are given the chance to turn sour.

Marriage & De Facto Separation Agreements

Too many people end up on the 'back foot' in separation negotiations, usually because they failed to obtain accurate legal advice earlier in the process. The consequences of this can be devastating and can be very difficult for lawyers to “undo”. The HHG Fixed Fee Essentials Separation Bundle has been created for exactly this purpose – to allow partners and parents to come to a civilised separation agreement without lengthy legal proceedings.

Our fixed fee separation form & documentation can help you take the first step towards protecting your assets and your family. We strongly recommend completing this separation form and starting your application for a separation agreement before making any important decisions.

The HHG Fixed Fee Essentials Separation Bundle includes the following:

  • The HHG Separation Guide. Written by award-winning family law expert, Simon Creek, this summary guide will save you hours of expensive legal advice. This guide is the perfect introduction to the vast array of legal issues confronting anybody experiencing a marriage breakdown.

  • 1 hour of Family Law advice. After reading the HHG Separation Guide, you will be able in a position to shortlist your concerns and questions in preparation for a meeting with your HHG family law solicitor. HHG's family law team have been hand selected and trained by Simon Creek. This element of the HHG Separation Bundle is guaranteed. You are bound to have questions of your own, however if you do not feel all of your questions have been answered by the end of the meeting, we will provide you with a credit for a further 1 hour of advice.

  • Written Summary of Advice and Recommended Further Action. After your meeting with our HHG family law solicitor you will be sent a clear and comprehensible summary of where you stand and what needs to happen next. You will have no obligation to engage with HHG any further after this point. However, if you do decide to stay with us, you will be provided with either a fixed fee or time based estimate for further advice. To read more about how we charge for our ongoing services, click here.

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