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Application to remove permanent disqualification to hold or obtain drivers licence

Do you need to remove a long-term disqualification from holding a drivers’ licence?

If you have been dutifully serving a long period of disqualification, it might be time to ask for a break.

Once you have served at least half of your disqualification period (and a minimum of 3 years) you can make an application to the Court for the disqualification to be removed.  If you have been disqualified for life you must have served at least 10 years without a licence before being eligible.

Your application may succeed if you can satisfy the judge that:

  • the public will not be endangered by you driving a vehicle;
  • you are of good character;
  • your case is one where you should be given your licence back;
  • the offences for which you were disqualified can be explained;
  • you have taken steps to rehabilitate yourself since you were disqualified;
  • you have done nothing wrong since then; and
  • you have a need for a driver's licence.

HHG can assist you to prepare and lodge an application to the District Court to have a drivers’ licence disqualification lifted.

Package Includes:

  • 1 hour initial consultation;
  • Preparation and filing of application (Including 1 Affidavit); and 
  • Up to 2 hours representation at a District Court hearing.


Please note that the above list of what is included in your package is complete.  Any other necessary expenses that may arise are excluded from the total package fee.  Examples of necessary additional expenses include fees for obtaining transcripts, travel costs and process server fees.  If these or any other necessary additional expenses arise, you will be asked to agree to paying those costs before they are incurred.  




Price: $2200.00
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