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Application for/Defence of Final Order Violence Restraining Orders

A Violence Restraining Order (VRO) can be issued to protect you from anyone you are afraid of. HHG's lawyers can get you protection if you have already been abused or are worried you will be. Acts of abuse include doing or threatening to do any of the following things: assaulting you, trapping/imprisoning you, pursuing you, damaging your property, injuring your animals or persistently behaving in an intimidating, emotionally abusive or offensive manner toward you.  The conditions of a VRO will usually include a requirement that the person cannot come anywhere near you, contact you by any means or hold or obtain a firearms license.  Other conditions can be added as the Court considers necessary.

If you have a Violence Restraining Order issued against you it does not show up on your criminal record.  However, if the conditions of a VRO are breached the penalty is a criminal record and anything from a fine up to serving a term of imprisonment. 

If the respondent objects to a VRO both the respondent and the applicant will need to participate in the final order hearing.  A respondent can object to a VRO being made, or seek to ensure that the conditions they will be bound by are not too onerous.  Sometimes an interim VRO will already be in force when a final order hearing is held and other times the first hearing will be the final hearing.  Whether you are an applicant or a respondent one of our lawyers can assist you to gather and present evidence (including evidence from witnesses) to the Court about why you need the order, or why a VRO is not necessary or the conditions applied will unreasonably limit your daily life.\


Applications can sometimes be resolved by the applicant and respondent agreeing to undertakings instead of the Court ordered VRO.  

Package Includes:

  • 1 hour initial consultation;
  • An urgent interim Violence Restraining Order;
  • Preparation and filing of application (excluding filing fee);
  • 1 Affidavit (if required);
  • Mention hearings (if any);
  • Negotiations with the other side; and
  • Preparation and representation for Final Hearing (Trial) in Magistrates Court
    • With no more than 1 witness
    • For no more than a half day hearing
  • GST

 Please note that the above list of what is included in your package is complete.  Any other necessary expenses that may arise are excluded from the total package fee.  Examples of necessary additional expenses include fees for obtaining transcripts, travel costs and process server fees.  If these or any other necessary additional expenses arise,  you will be asked to agree to paying those costs before they are incurred.  


Price: $5500.00
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