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Application for Family Court Consent Orders

Have you and your partner agreed on how you will divide your assets? Have you reached consensus in relation to where the children will live and with whom they will spend time?  

If your matter is relatively straightforward, and you have agreed on all issues and  understand the risks associated with finalising an agreement without receiving comprehensive legal advice, this bundle will suit your needs.

The only way to obtain a simple, yet enforceable agreement in relation to children and property is via an Application for Consent Orders. Consent Orders have the same legal force as if they had been made by a judicial officer after a court hearing. Consent Orders can cover both parenting arrangements for children ('parenting orders') and property and maintenance issues. 

Consent Orders are critical for protecting you against future claims by your former partner/spouse. They provide a barrier to future litigation, without which you will always have to 'look over your shoulder' as you attempt to rebuild your finances or enter into a new relationship. The team at HHG Legal Group have extensive experience in preparing Consent Orders in all family law matters, and can prepare Consent Orders for you that cover every contingency.


The fixed fee for the Consent Orders bundle does not include:

  • Legal advice on your rights and entitlements;
  • Negotiations on any aspect of your agreement with your partner or their solicitor;
  • Title or any other searches;
  • Process Server fees;
  • Family Court of WA Consent Orders filing fee;
  • More than 1 hour of 'face to face' meeting time with a solicitor, telephone advice or email advice;
  • Any substantial amendments to the first draft of the Application for Consent Orders; and
  • Legal advice for your partner in relation to the effect of the Consent Orders (your partner will need to obtain their own legal advice prior to  signing the Application for Consent Orders, if they choose to do so).


The “Application for Family Court Consent Orders” bundle is only appropriate for simple cases and/or where parties have reached complete agreement and do not require legal advice in relation to their rights and entitlements. If legal advice is required prior to negotiating an agreement with your former spouse, or in relation to the agreement you have reached,please purchase a HHG Time Bundle during the checkout process,or visit

HHG Legal Group can only act for or advise one party to a separation.

If the written agreement you have reached with your partner does not contain sufficient detail for the drafting of all documents required,  you will receive a telephone call or email from us recommending a fixed fee initial advice meeting in order for us to obtain the level of detail required to begin and complete drafting your documents.  This initial advice meeting must occur before  we can commence drafting your Consent Orders documents.


Price: $3300.00
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