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There are certain situations in life where you may require the professional help and advice of a legal practitioner. In the event of a difficult situation, it’s important to understand your rights and responsibilities before making any tough decisions.

At HHG, a fast growing and long established multi-disciplinary law firm, we hear from clients every day in similar situations, and we acutely understand the pressure and stress that engaging legal counsel can involve.

Our extensive experience has led us to create HHG Fixed Fee Essentials. We understand that at times the legal advice you require is not complex and can be addressed with a minimum of time and expertise from legal practitioners. As a result, HHG Essentials is a fixed fee legal service designed to guide you through the simple issue you face with a minimum of fuss, stress and cost.


There is “do it yourself law” and then there is “do it yourself with lawyers help” solutions from HHG Fixed Fee Essentials. Affordable, yet thorough, and backed by the professionalism and expertise of one of Australia’s leading law firms. If you wouldn’t build your own house, why try to write your own will?

Whether it’s to write a will, start your own business or apply for a divorce, seeking advice from a law practitioner can benefit you greatly in the long run. At HHG Fixed Fee Essentials, we offer online simple law documents and consultations at an affordable, fixed price. Our law structure means you can conveniently purchase one of our bundles which provides you with the legal advice and documentation you need, all at a fixed and affordable price.

On our site you will see all prices are explicitly stated and there are no hidden costs. You will save time & money, while having the peace of mind that comes from a mix of DIY and a professional lawyer. You can either purchase fixed fee DIY legal documentation (Document Bundles) or arrange to see one of our experienced lawyers at a fixed price per hour (Time Bundles). To read more about our two fixed fee options, click here.

We offer online professional advice and documentation for the simple matters in the areas of:

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