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Have you had your licence disqualified? Then you may want to consider applying for an extraordinary drivers licence.

Having your driver's licence disqualified can be stressful and worrying time. HHG Fixed Fee Essentials™ can help. Drawing on the experience of our expert team of traffic lawyers we have put together the legal documentation you need to apply for an extraordinary drivers licence for you to access today.

You don't need to spend thousands for expert legal representation for an extraordinary licence. HHG's Lawyers can work with you to demonstrate to the Court your suitability for an extraordinary licence, so long as you fit certain criteria.

HHG has made access to this legal advice affordable and straight forward to obtain by accessing our Application for Extraordinary Drivers Licence package.

Am I eligible for an Extraordinary Licence?

In the state of WA, the Court can grant an extraordinary driver's licence in the case that without the licence the applicant will be:

1. Unable to access urgent medical treatment for an existing illness, disease or disability suffered by the Applicant or a family member,

2. Deprived of the principal means of obtaining income, or

3. Deprived of the only practical means of travelling to and from a place of employment for Applicant or family member.

In addition, an application can only be made after a certain waiting period has elapsed. The waiting period of time varies from 21 days to 4 months depending on the nature and severity of the offence.

If you meet the above criteria, you may be eligible for an extraordinary licence in WA.

Take advantage of our expertise with this fixed cost solution: Purchase an HHG Fixed Fee Essentials™ Application for Extraordinary Drivers Licence Package by clicking here.

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