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HHG Legal Group is one of the fastest growing law firms in Western Australia assisting businesses, government and private clients.

We provide best practice legal advice to resolve your issue and offer representation exceeding normal expectations. When you need a lawyer to provide pro-active quality advice and documentation, we deliver no matter how big or small the task.

HHG Essentials has been developed with a broader concept in mind. We understand that not all clients may necessarily require the time and labour which complex matters may entail. This revolutionary service offers the same support and care from HHG Legal Groups’ award winning team, within a range of fixed fee packages.

While HHG Essentials offers assistance for simple legal matters, we are committed to nurturing you as your business and family grow, providing an efficient transition between HHG Essentials and HHG Legal Group full service as both you and your life develops.


HHG Fixed Fee Essentials

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