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Family Law

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$1990.00 Application for a Divorce Kit

Application For Divorce Kit | Do It Yourself Divorce Kit - HHG Applying for a divorce can be a stressful time for anyone, not to mention with the added burden of potential legal proceedings or even appearing in court. Having support from a level-headed and experienced lawyer can really break down the divorce process, making it easier, simpler and completely stress-free for you. Because we handle so many divorce applications each year, what can be complex for you, is simple for us. ..

$1100.00 Separation Bundle

Separation Agreement | De Facto Separation - HHG Fixed Fee Essentials Many people (wisely) decide to obtain preliminary advice before making a final decision about leaving their marriage or de facto relationship. This advice usually includes investigating what proportion of joint assets you are entitled to, or how much time you will be able to spend with your children. Reaching a separation agreement can be a testing time for all parties involved, including your children. At HHG Fixe..


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