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Traffic offences include drink driving, drug driving, hooning, driving while unlicenced and serious offences such as dangerous and reckless driving. You might be fined, lose your licence, your car or even be sent to prison if convicted of traffic offences. HHG Legal Group can assist you to decide whether to plead guilty or not guilty, minimise any penalty and apply for a spent conviction.

$2200.00 Application for Extraordinary Drivers Licence

If you have had your drivers’ licence disqualified, you may want to apply for an extraordinary drivers licence. You will need to wait at least 21 days and up to 4 months (depending on the type of offence you committed) from the date you are disqualified before making the application. HHG's lawyers can work with you to demonstrate to the Court that: you have a need for a driver's licence as without it you can’t get to work, or the type of work you do involves dri..

$2200.00 Application to remove permanent disqualification to hold or obtain drivers licence

Do you need to remove a long-term disqualification from holding a drivers’ licence? If you have been dutifully serving a long period of disqualification, it might be time to ask for a break. Once you have served at least half of your disqualification period (and a minimum of 3 years) you can make an application to the Court for the disqualification to be removed. If you have been disqualified for life you must have served at least 10 years without a licence before ..

$1870.00 Driving Under the Influence Guilty Plea

If you have been charged with drink driving or driving under the influence, you may want to plead guilty and put the episode behind you. Going to Court can be stressful, nerve racking and even humiliating. Having a lawyer by your side can help you make the best of a bad situation. A HHG Fixed Fee Essentials Fixed Fee Driving Under the Influence Guilty Plea provides you with this assistance. First, our award winning lawyers will listen to you carefully. Then they will accompany you ..


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