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Business Essentials Plus

If your business is already established, then have a look at the many documents offered under Business Essentials Plus. You will find a range of fixed fee products to ensure that your business is properly protected, that your governing documentation is kept up to date and that your business relationships can be properly managed.

$2750.00 Buy/Sell Agreement

A Business Succession Agreement (also known as a buy/sell agreement) is a tool used by businesses to ensure that there is a clear and defined understanding of what is to happen to a party’s interest in the business in the event of the occurrence of prescribed events. Some of the most common events that a Business Succession Agreement deals with include: When a party to a business wants to retire or is unable to work due to long term illness; When a party to a business is getting..

$550.00 Loan Agreements

If you have loaned money to someone it is critical that you have a written record of the loan, the terms of the loan and the repayment agreement between the parties. The HHG Fixed Fee Essentials Loan Agreement documents the key terms of your loan to ensure that in the event of default, you are able to enforce the loan and be repaid your money. The below fixed fee does not include: any legal advice (whether face to face, by telephone or by email); substantial amendments; or time sp..

$1100.00 Mortgages

If you have loaned money to someone and want to secure repayments over their land, then you will need a mortgage. The HHG Fixed Fee Essentials Mortgage contains all the usual terms found in a Western Australian mortgage, including what is to happen in the event of a default payment. The below fixed fee does not include: any legal advice (whether face to face, by telephone or by email); substantial amendments; or time spent by us with your other advisers. The above does not co..

$440.00 Self Managed Superannuation Fund Updates

Each year the government makes new rules and regulations governing superannuation funds, pensions and trustee powers. It is therefore important that your self managed superannuation deed is updated regularly to ensure that it is up-to-date with current requirements and provides the trustee flexibility to deal with the fund in any way permitted by law. The above does not constitute legal advice; it is generic information only. Even though a HHG Fixed Fee Essentials SMSF Deed will always b..

$2750.00 Shareholders Agreements

A Shareholders Agreement is a separate legally enforceable contract entered into between shareholders of a private company. The agreement determines some of the key terms affecting the relationship between shareholders such as: Rights to appoint Directors; Procedures relating to the sale of shares to third parties; Matters that require unanimous consent; Management and operational issues; and Dispute resolution procedures. The main benefit of a Shareholders Agreemen..

$1650.00 Terms Of Trade

If you are operating a business then you need to ensure that your business has terms of trade that provide the business with adequate protection from customer claims. Terms of Trade also allow you to properly communicate with your customers your warranties, payment terms, refund policies and delivery times minimizing misunderstandings and complaints. It is almost impossible to commence legal proceeding to recover money owed to you, including interest and legal fees, if you do not..

$440.00 Update Company Constitution

Outdated Memorandum and Articles of Association and old constitutions do not provide companies with the flexibility needed to ensure that they are able to respond quickly to legal requirements, governance issues and shareholder requests. The Essentials Company Update will replace your company’s previous governance document with a modern, flexible constitution which complies with current legislative requirements and ensures compliance and efficiency. This is highly recommended fo..


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