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Business Essentials

If you are new to business then this is the place to start. On the Business Essentials page you will find a list of common documents needed to structure a new venture. All of the HHG Fixed Fee Essentials™ documents have been drafted in Western Australia and are tailored to meet Western Australian laws.

$797.00 (incl $457 asic fee) Company Set Up

A company (private proprietary limited company) is one of the most popular business vehicles in Australia. The most obvious benefit to incorporating a company is that the company, in many situations, is able to limit liability to the company itself (and any outstanding share capital) rather than exposing the individuals behind the company to unknown liabilities. This simple form will help you or your accountant to establish a proprietary limited company. Here are some important things ..

$330.00 Discretionary Trusts

A discretionary trust is one of the most popular vehicles for doing business in Western Australia. Under a discretionary trust no beneficiary has a fixed entitlement. As a result, a Trustee is able to distribute income to numerous beneficiaries and take advantage of the various tax benefits associated with doing so. Discretionary trusts are also used as a great tool for asset protection. This simple form will help you or your accountant to set up your trust. There are 4 key persons in..

$1100.00 Partnership Agreements

A partnership is the agreement between two or more people to carry on a common enterprise as two individuals. A partnership agreement will set out the various contributions, powers, rights and obligations of each party. Generally speaking, all partners in a partnership are jointly and severally liable for the debt of the partnership and as a result caution must be exercised before entering into such arrangement. The Partnership Act 1895 (WA) governs partnerships in Western Austral..

$440.00 Self Managed Superannuation Funds

A self managed superannuation fund ('SMSF') is a way of saving, or investing, for your retirement. Unlike other types of superannuation funds, the members of the SMSF will also act as the trustee and therefore control the superannuation fund. This provides flexibility in terms of the way in which the superannuation fund’s assets are invested and the types of investments that the fund participates in. This simple form will help you, your accountant or your financial adviser to est..

$440.00 Unit Trust

A unit trust is a popular form of trust usually used for collective investment. Each unit holder is entitled to an agreed fixed percentage of the income and capital of the trust each year. The trustee’s role is to hold and administer the assets of the trust on behalf of the unit holders. The unit holders have the power to “hire and fire” the trustee. This simple form will help you or your accountant to set up your unit trust. You will need to complete information..


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